A Dance Update

It’s that time of year. I’ve been busy over the last few weeks preparing syllabus, making class rolls, and playlists and generally just planning a new year of dance. After an awesome first 6 months of running dance classes, I’m pretty excited about the coming year. I’ve got an awesome group of 12 and 13 year olds continuing into Jazz 3, the senior stretch/technique class is a great group too, and I’m very hopefully that the senior contemporary class (the one I’m most excited about teaching) will get off the ground too – just need one more student! It’s hard work building a business while working full time, but it’s also really rewarding too. Cliched it may be, but it such a privilege to be able to work with such an enthusiastic group of students who just get so much enjoyment out of dancing.

I’m hoping this year that I might manage to squeeze in a very classes of my own. I’m really keen to get back to classes at Raising the Barre, as it’s been a while since I took class – no mean feat when you work full time, teach dance in the evenings and have a small toddler. Speaking of small toddler, he’s almost 15 months now! And guess what he loves doing? That’s right, dancing. Proud mama right here. Actually, it’s fascinating watching him learn to dance – he’s just started adding in arms and wiggling his torso – so cute!

This year I’ve moved all my dance classes to one evening instead of two, which I think will make a big difference. Yes, it’ll be one long night of teaching 4+ hours in a row, but much easier than being out 2 evenings, and it’ll give me more time to squeeze in some classes of my own. Of course I haven’t been doing nothing while I’ve been busy teaching, I’ve been going to the gym – cardio and weights – for cross training, as well as doing some yoga, and of course when school is in session (I’m a middle school teacher in my day job) I teach dance there too. Actually when I teach at school, I’m quite an active participant – this is my school’s general approach to teaching and learning – so I get some good stretching in there too.

So this year’s goals? Get to some Raising the Barre classes. Keep building the dance centre.

What are your goals?

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